Monday, July 01, 2013

So you wanna be a federal judge?

The Federal JNC is reconstituted and its finally taking applications for Judge Seitz's open seat.  Applications are due July 31, and interviews will take place on August 21.

The Florida Bar website listing the JNC members was wrong, and so my prior post had the wrong list of JNC members.  The correct list is:

Kendall Coffee
Alex Acosta
Georgina Angones
Reginald Clyne
Vivian de las Cuevas-Diaz
Albert Dotson
Phil Freidin
Carey Goodman
Cynthia Johnson-Stacks
Manny Kadre
Ira Leesfield
Dexter Lehtinen
Richard Lydecker
Thomas Panza
David Prather
Dennis Alan Richard
Jon Sale
Stephen Zack
Marilyn Holifield
Harley Tropin
Danny Ponce

You can grab the application here if you are interested.

Meantime, Holly Skolnick's memorial service was Sunday, and it was an amazing outpouring of love and support.  Really nice memories of her from her family and friends...  What a big loss for the community. Holly is survived by her husband Richard Strafer,* their daughter, and her parents. 

*As an aside, Richard is working on the Kaley case (along with Howard Srebnick), headed to the Supreme Court next Term, which Curt Anderson covered yesterday:

When Kerri and Brian Kaley came under federal investigation for allegedly stealing medical devices, they took out a $500,000 line of credit on their New York house to hire lawyers. Yet after their indictment in 2007, prosecutors sought to prevent the Kaleys from using the money because the government intended to seize the house.
The Kaleys insisted they were legally reselling the medical items. At the very least, they wanted a hearing to determine whether the government's case was strong enough to justify freezing most of their assets and denying them the right to hire the attorney of their choice.
It's an issue federal courts around the country are deeply divided over. Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has a chance to settle the matter after agreeing earlier this year to hear the Kaleys' appeal.


Anonymous said...

Who would you say are the top 5 candidates?

Rumpole said...

If nominated, I will not run.
If appointed, I shall not serve.

Anonymous said...

Does Judith Korchin from Holland & Knight have a shot? Or the current U.S. Attorney?