Friday, July 12, 2013

Role Reversal: Zimmerman closing arguments

Interesting dynamic in the Zimmerman closings so far.

The prosecutor's closing yesterday seemed very much like a defense closing -- passionate and poking holes in Zimmerman's story. He seemed to be arguing that there is a reasonable doubt about Zimmerman's version of events.

This morning, O'Mara started his closing by accepting the burden of proof and arguing that Zimmerman is "100% innocent." He is also very low key, walking them through the facts and the elements of self-defense.

I thought the prosecution crushed the defense in opening statements, but it seems just the opposite so far in closings. The prosecutor was screaming and yelling way too much.

Anyway, Rumpole hates when juries go out on Friday afternoon... But I don't think there will be a verdict today.

UPDATE -- the rebuttal was much better, but than the opening summation. Intense, but not screaming at the jury. Predictions on when the verdict will come back and what it will be?


Anonymous said...

think you are dead on in the analysis. prosecution won openings and chunked its closing. think the original lawyer should have done it. Though watching the defense closing, I do not think he is being very effective. But the key is that he really does not have to be.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the State gets rebuttal. Jury will deliver Manslaughter verdict - although it should be an acquittal all the way.

At the end of the day, the kid should not be dead and is dead because Zimmerman was wrong about what he was up to. That does not sit well with anybody.

Rumpole said...

I also think the yelling and theatrics of the proseutor was very amateurish. A calm, reasoned, quiet explantion of this case will work best. Who likes being yelled at?

Anonymous said...

yeah, what was up with the theatrics?? the opening lawyer was far more compelling with none of that. the closing lawyer looked often like a clown. Still think manslaughter will win the day.

swlip said...

If you actually followed the testimony and you understand the law of self defense in Florida, I don't see how you come up with anything other than a down the line acquittal. This case should have never been brought.

Anonymous said...

What if you don't buy the self defense argument but don't think it was done with the ill will, evil intent, hatred, etc that is required?

That would be manslaughter?

Demosthenes said...

The odds seem to favor acquittal. I don't see how the State can prove beyond all reasonable doubt to anyone that Zimmerman didn't have a reasonable fear for his life/safety at the point that Trayvon was beating him. On the flip side, the jury may not want to reward an asshole who irresponsibly tracks a man because he is black, while carrying a sidearm, and manages to get into a confrontation. Now it is in the hands of that unknowable quantum unit known as a jury.

Anonymous said...

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