Thursday, July 18, 2013

Federal JNC to interview for two open judicial seats, not just one

Here's the letter from Senators Nelson and Rubio, saying that in addition to Judge Seitz's seat, they would like the JNC to interview for Judge Graham's seat because he is taking senior status at the end of the year.  Applications are due August 19, and the interviews will be September 17 (see JNC letter). 

Meantime, it's time for William Thomas to be confirmed to the federal bench.  This is just getting absurd already (his nomination has been pending 263 days) and people are starting to take notice. For example, the Congressional Black Caucus had this to say (via the Miami Herald):

“We have no idea,” Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, said in an interview, her frustration visible. “When there’s just absolute silence, you can’t think of anything but political gamesmanship.”

The complaints from the Congressional Black Caucus are broader than Florida. In a statement, the group said, “Currently, 30 percent of judicial nominees pending confirmation in the Senate are African-American.”

The group said that out of 787 federal positions, only 95, or about 8 percent, are held by black judges.

“A more diverse judicial system helps to deliver justice but also to boost public confidence in the vote,” Wilson said. “So I ask, why the delay?”

Judge Thomas is one of the most respected state court judges that we have. It's not right that he's been waiting so long.

From the Huffington Post:

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) said he has known Thomas since he was a child and can't figure out why Rubio isn't letting his nomination through. Both nominees have cleared Florida's Federal Judicial Nominating Commission, which vets nominees and makes recommendations to senators representing the state.
"I know this much: William Thomas was here before Marco Rubio's family came here," Hastings fumed during a press conference with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, or CBC. "It would seem to me that Marco Rubio could pick up the telephone and call me and ask me a little bit more about William Thomas if he needs to know something more about him."

Glenn Sugameli always has the scoop on this stuff, and is tracking the lengthy delay for Judge Thomas, which will hopefully end soon.


Rumpole said...

If nominated, I will not run.
If selected, I will not serve.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Big Glenn is always on top of this stuff -- great post btw.

Anonymous said...

But Rubio's family was here before Alcee Hastings was impeached and removed from the bench!

Fake Judith Sheindlin said...

Where do I send my application? I am ready to retire from the big time and settle into a nice cushy job.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Maybe Rubio is aware of the horrible job Thomas did in the DUI Mans case of the bike rider. Maybe Rubio will use that horrible sentence as an excuse not to allow another homosexual onto the bench. Maybe Rubio will gain points with his guys by doing this. Maybe Thomas should have used better judgment in that case.

Anonymous said... joe klock's crew finally landed him in the paper

Anonymous said...

Join the tidal wave of support for Migna as a federal judge at ""

Anonymous said...

I see the homophobes have chimed in. How about the racists?