Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday news and notes

Today is Judge William Matthewman's investiture at 12:30. Love Judge Matthewman, but 12:30? That's a rough time for an event. What about lunch?

See Rumpole, you aren't the only one with long lines at the courthouse. This was taken this morning:

What about the debates last night? Good stuff. Joe Biden came out swinging and was strong on substance. But what about all the smiling and facial expressions?

We are taught as lawyers to keep a poker face and we tell our clients the same thing. But is that the best advice? Should we be showing emotion in court in front of the jury?
Joe Biden's facial expressions during the debate were: free polls 


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be terribly impertinent, but Judge William Matthewman is very attractive. He looks just like JFK.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the courthouse. What a zoo though! The CSOs do a nice job of getting everyone going into the courthouse for business in quickly.