Tuesday, October 09, 2012

B-Girls trial to start

Judge Scola will be presiding over this month long trial involving South Beach clubs, booze, and hot women (known as B-girls). According to Jay Weaver of the Miami Herald:

On trial starting Tuesday are four reputed associates, along with a Sunny Isles Beach investor who once dabbled in local politics. They’re accused of orchestrating a fraud scheme to run up the credit card bills of South Beach tourists by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Among those standing trial: Stanislav Pavlenko, 41, Albert Takhalov, 31, Kristina Takhalov, 31, and Siavash Zargari, 48, who live in the Aventura and Sunny Isles Beach area. Longtime Sunny Isles real estate broker Isaac Feldman, 51, is the fifth defendant
What about the alleged victims? More from Jay:

In total, the B-Girls, who received 20 percent commissions for bringing in customers, ripped off about 90 patrons, mostly tourists or businessmen with telltale signs of wealth, such as expensive watches or shoes, authorities say.

One victim from Philadelphia, who was approached by two B-Girls at the Delano Hotel, complained he was taken for $43,000 at Caviar Beach on Washington Avenue. His American Express bill included dozens of charges for booze.

In court papers, the victim is identified as “J.B.” According to lawyers in the case as well as published reports, the victim was John Bolaris, a former Philadelphia TV weatherman who gave an interview to Playboy magazine for an article on the case.
Myles Malman wants to be able to go after JB to show there was no crime here:

But Feldman’s lawyer, Malman, said his goal in questioning J.B. is “to establish that he consciously and intentionally tried to pick up two women at the bar at the Delano Hotel, spent large amounts of money on alcohol in an effort to impress them and/or to induce them to engage in physical relations with him, and is in reality no victim at all,” according to a court filing.

Should be a fun case to follow.


Anonymous said...

Should read "NOT hot"

Rumpole said...

Dom misses Paris Hilton's court appearances. This will have to do.

Anonymous said...

I usually attribute my high AMEX bills to client development. JRP

Anonymous said...

Dude should have consulted a travel guide book to South Beach to avoid such scams targeted at tourists.

Anonymous said...

Broads booze and amex black. Bad combo.

Anonymous said...

The organizers of the scheme are going to trial but not the actual "B girls". By the way, they're gorgeous with makeup but only average without makeup.

Anonymous said...

Men look great with makeup on. JFK wore makeup.