Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday notes

1. Big decision from the 11th Circuit yesterday in the sports agent case -- United States v. Gus Dominguez. Judge Cox wrote the decision invalidating some of the convictions and Judge Tjoflat dissented because he would have invalidated all counts. Nice win for Ben Kuehne. The blog's prior coverage of this Judge Moore case is here.

2. Brian Tannebaum has a new gig at Above the Law. Very exciting.

3. I hate mosquitoes too, but should we really be genetically engineering them? Doesn't this ultimately lead to the apocalypse?

4. Justice Stevens seems to be everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Great win for Ben, not so much for Gus. By the BOP inmate release date calculator, Gus was released from prison last year. So much for expedited review in criminal cases. Perhaps we need more 11th Circuit judges.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about justice delayed equals justice denied! This guy was convicted 5 years ago, and we only get an appellate ruling now!?! Heck, I don't know what the "BOP calculator" 3:41 is talking is, but I can read. The defendant was looking at 5 years (or did I miss something?) and still did it despite "winning."

I hope this guy was out on some kind of house arrest or limited detention pending appeal (I don't do criminal law, so don't know how that works). Otherwise, he may have been better off saving his money, playing nice in the pen, and getting out at about the same time as this "win" gets him out.