Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brian Tannebaum's holiday advice

Check it out here at Above the Law. One nugget:
Do not take your staff out for lunch

Your staff does not want to hang out with you. Not even her, the secretary who you think loves you and thinks your wife is awesome for giving her those stupid baskets of bath salts for Christmas. Your staff wants two things for the holidays — time off and money. I know, you think it’s cool to take them to that great steakhouse you go to three times a month, but is it really fun to watch them quietly and uncomfortably drool at a restaurant they’ve never been to and couldn’t afford unless you were paying for it?

The happiest I ever saw the staff in my office? The Friday before Christmas they arrived at work, were given gift cards, and told they could leave at noon and spend the rest of the afternoon shopping. Think about it — money and getting away from you sooner than expected — it makes you the hero.

Happy happy, joy joy:


Anonymous said...


Wrong, wrong, wrong;

My secretary really does love me. In fact, we go to lunch and dinner all the time...holidays included.


Anonymous said...

I've been banging my secretary for the last eight years so she's interested in a lot more than gift cards and some time off. She likes the salzeetza if you know what I mean. F--- mr. Tannebaum!

Anonymous said...

Brian is dead right on this one.

sorry D you are just fooling yourself

Anonymous said...

I know Brian. I'm quite sure his secretary doesn't want to have lunch with him.

Anonymous said...

brian is correct on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I always knew there was nothing inside that squirrely asshole's mind. Go have another doughnut Brian T.