Thursday, November 10, 2011


I actually feel bad for the guy.


Anonymous said...

Feeling bad for that guy is crazy - can you imagine what that idiot wacko would do to our country - Bush III, without Daddy to give some intelligent guidance.

Re your post yesterday -

SCOTUS Blog is nothing but a self promotional ploy - the attorney who made the argument should crack that asshole at the blog in the mouth.

When the Court rules against GPS tracking, I hope he posts an article about how unimportant choice of counsel is in oral argument before the US Sup Ct. - When I have a case go up, I will laugh in the face of anybody that suggests bringing in a "Supreme Court Practitioner."

Anonymous said...

I would too if he were not running for leader of the free world! being George Bush without a brain must be a tough way to go through life however. you are right; i feel bad for him.

Anonymous said...

BFD. I already forgot about it.

More seriously, I did think it was ambiguous whether he couldn't name three agencies at all (more embrassing) or whether he simply forgot the third agency that he'd cut (less embarassing; I mean, you'd want to get that right).