Friday, August 19, 2011

Defense Verdicts of the Week

The USAO is very good at issuing press releases when there is an arrest or a conviction. Not so much when there is an acquittal. And there were some acquittals and a hung jury this week:

1. Sabrina Puglisi and Margot Moss got a not guilty before Judge Jordan in a drug case in which their client testified.*

2. AFPDs Aimee Ferrer and Jan Smith won before Judge Seitz in a gun case.

3. AFPD Miguel Caridad and David Joffe hung a jury before Judge Cooke. Apparently, Joffe's client originally pled guilty but was permitted to withdraw the plea and now is going for round 2.

*Full disclosure -- I share space with Sabrina and Margot is my law partner.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey.
1. I don't see many defense lawyers issuing press releases on their guilty verdicts.
2. The practice of issuing a press release on guilty verdicts by the USAO has sound policy purpose (e.g. deterrent). Don't know how wise it would be for the USAO to press release "We can't buy a conviction!"

Anonymous said...

Actually in the gun case, the defendant was found guilty of possessing cocaine base.

Anonymous said...

Poor AUSAs. It must really be embarrassing when you miss a large dead fish in an empty barrel with a double gauge shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Isn't simple possession a misdemeanor? Hooray for the USAO!

Anonymous said...

ooh! oooh! a HUGE win! crime fighters! prosecuting destitute drug addicts for a street crime where the cops plant a gun!

man, you must be so proud.

real important work.


Anonymous said...


My client, a poor Bolivian farmer, pled guilty today to the offense of possessing a false visa to enter the US to work and send money back to his family. He received time-served and after a short stay at Krome will return to his family with a felony conviction.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bolivian farmer should lead the uprising against his oppressive and corrupt government and not break U.S. law. Better yet, he should find a poor Venezuelan farmer to conspire with. Viva la revolucion!