Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11th Circuit discusses THUG MANSION

Per Judge Carnes:

This appeal stems from a violent drug conspiracy in South Florida that involved a number of criminals, most of whom have aliases or nicknames. The four whose joint trial led to this appeal were Daniel “D.V.” Varela, Liana “The Negra” Lopez, Ricardo “Rick” Sanchez, and Daniel “Homer” Troya. Showing a keen appreciation for their own character, they referred to the townhouse where they lived as the “Thug Mansion.” During their crime wave two of the self-styled thugs, Troya and Sanchez, carjacked a fellow drug dealer and shot him to death. What would have been unfortunate became triply tragic when they also gunned down the drug dealer’s wife and their two children, ages three and four. Troya and Sanchez left all four bodies on the side of the road.

The ensuing police investigation led to the Thug Mansion, which was located in a gated residential community. Officers executed a search warrant there and found evidence of the murder and the on-going drug conspiracy. An indictment and two superseding indictments followed, and then a trial at which the four defendants were convicted on all counts. Lopez and Varela, who brought this appeal, raise several issues, the primary one being that they should not have been jointly tried with Troya and Sanchez, who committed the murders. (Sanchez and Troya were convicted of those murders and sentenced to death, and they have filed appeals that are proceeding separately from this one.)

Who wants to guess how this one came out?

Here's Tupac discussing "Thugz Mansion" (NSFW):


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that the result should have been different? Did you read the facts of this case?

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update your list of judges and add Kathy Williams?

David Oscar Markus said...

10:47 -- I was only suggesting that you can tell the way the case is going to be decided by the way the intro was written.

10:50 -- Thanks, I need to do that.

Anonymous said...

Thug Mansion? I thought that case was going to be about UM's sports program.

Anonymous said...

I like that reference to Forrest Gump by Carnes. He's a literary beast.