Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm back

I go to court for a few days, and the good professor decides to blog about "tense present." Rick, don't you realize that the readers of this blog prefer motions discussing phallic imagery? This is what they want. BTW, I'm wondering how our district judges would react to such a motion.


South Florida Lawyers said...

There he goes again, moving in on my material (schmeckle jokes).

Anonymous said...

A few months back, you said you had a lot to say about these pill mill cases and that we would hear from you soon. We never heard from you on this subject. Yesterday was the biggest pill mill takedown yet with a Federal RICO case and a state felony murder case for an RX overdose. The first time RICO has been used against doctors, 13 of them. These cases are not at all like the SHAYGAN case. What say you?