Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Live blogging Kathy Williams' confirmation hearing

Coincidentally, I'm here in DC on a case and am lucky enough to be able to attend Kathy Williams' confirmation hearing, which is about to start. Below is her with Senators Nelson and Rubio.

2:10 Senator Coons is introducing everyone.

2:12 Senator Grassley is reading a statement. Fast reader. He says Kathy's seat has been vacant for two years. That's bad. He also says Clinton's people got confirmed faster. But he says it is time to confirm judges.

2:17 Sen. Nelson: bipartisan effort to move vacancies. Urges speedy consideration of Ms. Williams. Tradition in Florida w JNC to screen and interview. Then suggest 3 names and senators can tell WH if any objections or recommendations. It has always worked in Florida because broad support of legal and non-legal communities.

Now he talks about Kathy's background. Nice remarks about her.

2:22 Sen. Rubio: Kathy went to Duke and "more impressively" UM. More background and awards. Respect of peers. Shout out to CJA committee.

2:25 Sen. Schumer then discusses other nominees. They took Kathy first because Sen. Rubio and Nelson had "pressing business" in the Senate. Schumer said Nominee Halligan won 2 and lost 2 cases in Supreme Court, which shows she is balanced. Grassley quips that she has a better record than the 9th.

3:12 Still on the DC Circuit nominee.

3:21 Okay, on to Kathy! She thanks committee and Florida senators. Also former Florida senators. Thanks family with her. Colleagues. Office peeps. Says her office is back home "multitasking." "The love of her life Mike Mullaney." Her dad, William Williams. Still watching her. Beautiful intro remarks.

Sen. Coons asks KMW about her judicial philosophy: Fair and impartial arbiter. Treat everyone w dignity and respect. Listen well to all parties. Apply law to achieve just resolution.

Coons now asks how being a PD got her ready to be a judge: entire career in fed courts. Will help her substantively and in administration of justice.

Grassley: quotes her speech before federal bar in 2005 re death penalty and foreign law. Kathy says no to using foreign law in applying constitution and says she was trying to provoke thought.

Grassley: Speech before ACLU in 2003 re secret proceedings and evidence. And another speech in 2008 re indefinite detention. Kathy responds with the law from Supreme Court. Also says she would have to recuse in a terrorism case because of Mike Mullaney being chief of anti-terrorism division. Grassley says what about in 20 years. Kathy says she will apply the law.

Coons: what deference would you give to sentencing guidelines? K: start w accurate calculations to guidelines. Would do that in sentencing defendants.

3:50 done! Kathy did awesome!


Robert Becerra said...

Good Luck to Kathy for a quick confirmation. We need her on the bench.

South Florida Lawyers said...

This is awesome. Big props to Senator Rubio for being a stand up guy. Let's hope she gets a full Senate vote soon.

Anonymous said...

Nothing short of wonderful was expected from Ms. Williams

Rumpole said...

Hey I'm at the 4 Seasons! Lunch? Dinner?

David Oscar Markus said...

Late dinner. See you there.

Anonymous said...

Go Kathy!! Moreno also gave her a nice word at today's event.