Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to blogging

Thanks Jeff Marcus for a very entertaining week of guest blogging.

In taking the bridge back this weekend, I see that the Herald interviewed Lea Black (Roy Black's wife) for her upcoming role in Real Housewives of Miami. She looks great and here's one funny exchange:

Are your friends and family ready for the scrutiny?

I didn’t tell anybody that I did the show until I finished it, and then I denied it up until Bravo said that they had announced it. So I’m getting a lot of people mad at me. I guess I was shy about it. My husband’s law partner, I think he’s ready to call 911 for oxygen.

I think Lea is going to do great on the show. She's quick witted and is used to sparring with lawyers, so this should be a piece of cake. Plus, I like the shoes...


Anonymous said...

marcus was great. bring him back

Anonymous said...

Shoes? Stay tune folks-- Markus will next be posting highlights of Glee episodes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite in the story is that Leah just picked out "any old thing" from her closet. Give me a break!