Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

The (much) less famous Marcus (but more importantly better Beth Am basketball player) in the house covering for the Big D. I haven't won a grammy or anything but I'm feeling pretty good this morning. At the shiny controls of the Blog mothership, my spiritual journey from prosecutor to defense lawyer is now complete. And the week already is a personal success because I learned the important stuff like inserting pics. Time to put the toys down and figure out something to write for you all. Feel free to email me noteworthy items this week at


Steve Stallings said...

I can't speak to your blogging skills just yet, but from personal knowledge I can confirm you are a MUCH better bball player than "Scoop" Markus.

Steve Stallings

Anonymous said...

I know Buju won a Grammy, but I've got Beiber fever!