Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Justice Breyer at the DCBA

Great DCBA Event this afternoon at the Hyatt where Justice Stephen Breyer spoke to a packed audience about his new book, "Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge's View," published last September. In the book, Justice Breyer lays out his theory of "pragmatic" jurisprudence, an intellectual counterweight to Justice Scalia's textualist approach. At the talk, Justice Breyer actually credited conversations with Justice Scalia for inspiring him to write the book (now those sessions would be pay-per-view worthy). Justice Breyer was on his game and quite funny at times. You can see why he was known as a great law school professor back in the day. For those that missed or enjoyed like I did, here's a link to a transcript of a Terry Gross ("Fresh Air") interview with Justice Breyer from last September on the book and more.


Anonymous said...

Did he say anything at the luncheon or in the interview that would call for his recusal on health care?

Good job on the guest blogs, by the way. You might consider, though, taking some shots at DOM for watching Glee, or sprinkling in some Ferris Bueller clips.

Jeff Marcus said...

Healthcare not mentioned. He talked mostly history (e.g., Eisenhower desegregating Little Rock schools).

Glee is a show consenting adults should view behind closed doors.