Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ed Morse duped for $57 MILLION

According to this Herald article, he wired Scott Rothstein $57 million based on this story:

What began as a dispute over a $2 million decorating bill for Morse's new Boca Raton and Maine homes transformed into a $57 million scam, in which Rothstein allegedly ripped off his wealthy clients with an elaborate series of lies, delays and forged court orders, sources familiar with the matter told The Miami Herald.
Ed and Carol Morse -- who were family friends with Rothstein -- sued Boca Raton decorator Jan Jones in 2006 claiming he botched their job. Rothstein told the Morses earlier this year that they had won the breach-of-contract case and that the decorator owed them $23 million, sources said.
It wasn't true. In fact, the Morses lost the case.
Rothstein also produced purported federal court orders signed by a judge, saying the Morses could claim the judgment by seizing a Cayman Islands bank account belonging to the decorator, sources said.
There were no such court orders, nor any fat bank account, court records show.
To confiscate the money, the Fort Lauderdale lawyer allegedly told the Morses they had to post a bond 2 ½ times larger than the judgment, or $57 million, the sources said. The large amount was required as a guarantee in case bank officials confiscated the judgment from the wrong account, Rothstein told them.
So the couple wired the $57 million to Rothstein in installments earlier this year, the sources said. It is not clear whether Rothstein paid any of that money back.

PAINFUL. Too bad Morse didn't have the force:

Okay, I was sick of Rothstein stories too, but $57 million.....


Anonymous said...

I read this too, and what stunned me (don't ask me why) was the fake federal court orders.

If Zloch was still Chief he would find a way to throw his ass in maximum security federal prison. I am sure of it.

Rumpole said...

The old "Morse fake surety bond" scam. It's been done a million times.

South Florida Lawyers said...

I wonder which judge's signature was (allegedly) faked?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will go out and buy a Cadillac from Morse now to help the guy out..

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll stop running those stupid commercials.

Anonymous said...

i think this is called Karma. I blame a lot on his son Teddy, he's slowly destroying the empire Ed built.