Monday, November 09, 2009

Drinks at the Capital Grille over lunch

Bob Norman has been all over the Scott Rothstein case and had the (good?) fortune of running into him at the Capital Grille today. He even took video:

Here's another post about the encounter.

Why is this guy out in public at the Capital Grille talking to reporters? I understand that this was just happenstance, but he was bound to run into someone at lunch at the CG... Right now, he needs to be holed up somewhere not talking. (Hat tip: JA)


Anonymous said...

Fraud guys usually end up believeing their own bs and believing they can talk thier way out of anything - a law degree doesn't change that

Rumpole said...

Being in the Capital, I may just head over to the Capital Grille and get me one of those martinis. It looked good, and I'm thirsty.

Anonymous said...

uh, there were 5 other local blogs and 2 papers that beat you to the video.

Rumpole said...

Leave David alone. He's busy reading the legislative comments of some obscure federal statute that will win him some case and get him on the front page of the Herald. Again.