Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prison riot at Coleman High

Here's the article from CNN. Apparently, 8 inmates were injured, one by gunfire. More info as soon as it's available.

In other news, Vanessa Blum explains that the new U.S. Attorney will likely have different law enforcement priorities:

In the coming months, President Barack Obama will put his own stamp on crime-fighting efforts in South Florida by naming a new U.S. attorney to direct federal investigations and prosecutions.The new president's pick will head an elite office of lawyers and be responsible for translating the priorities of the Obama White House and the Department of Justice into local cases and convictions.The office, now supervised by Republican attorney Alex Acosta, operates largely out of public view, but wields great influence over law enforcement priorities and leads federal, state and local agencies in joint crime-fighting initiatives."A new U.S. attorney could set a different prosecutorial agenda," said attorney Justin Sayfie, who took part in recommending Acosta for the job. "It's an enormous, enormous power."

What do you think the feds should prioritize?


Anonymous said...

Definitely more illegal re-entry and passport cases. My children walk the streets of the Southern District at night in total safety knowing that these people are being prosecuted in federal court

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. I feel like I can sleep at night knowing that impoverished people from South America and and the Carribean are incarcarated for 2 years for aggravated identity theft for obtaining a fake passport to work in the US. These people are animals! Lock em UP!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the nerve of these poeple wanting a better life for themselevs. These people with names like "Moreno," "Martinez," and "Acosta" should be should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a US Atty that will inject integrity back into the office -- an office that is filled with some outstanding individuals who have been left to wander in the desert by poor leadership.