Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chris Hansen to speak at Federal Bar Luncheon

This month's guest speaker for the Federal Bar Association's luncheon series is Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen on January 21st at the Banker's Club. Mr. Hansen is a 7- time Emmy winner and renowned correspondent with Dateline NBC. He is perhaps best known for the "To Catch a Predator" series but his investigative reporting includes efforts to expose international identity thieves, child sex rings in Cambodia, counterfeit prescription operations out of China, and international child labor violations. He has also received numerous reporting awards for his coverage of the federal building bombing at Oklahoma City and the mass murders at Columbine, Colorado. Attendance is expected to be high so please RSVP to Celeste Higgins at (305) 530-7000, ext. 109.


Anonymous said...

He is perhaps best known for the "To Catch a Predator"

Yes and no respect for the law or individual's rights, if you know anything about the show's history for stupidity. Shame on the FBA for having him.


The Captain Reports:

The Supreme Court issued two opinions this morning, both of them striking down lower court opinions that had favored prosecutors. In one decision, the justices agreed that a failure to report to prison is not the kind of prior "violent felony" conviction that triggers a 15-year mandatory prison sentence for someone found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm. The other decision ruled that the clock for filing a federal habeas appeal should not start ticking until after the appeal is completed.


And - The Captain Reports:

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down as unconstitutional a 2006 law that allowed the federal government to place under indefinite lock-up anyone considered "sexually dangerous" even beyond the end of prison sentences. The conservative 4th Circuit became the first federal appellate court to weigh in on the constitutionality of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, striking down the civil commitment of five men held years beyond their completed prison terms

Anonymous said...

The series suffered a major setback when a Texas prosecutor refused to press charges on 24 men caught in the sting because the operation was “tainted by amateurs.” In 16 of the cases, the prosecutor said he didn’t have jurisdiction because the men who were involved — along with the decoys — where not in the county at the time of the chats. When residents discovered that the majority of the would-be sex predators were driving in from out of town — and the house was two blocks away from an elementary school — they were outraged. As for the rest of the cases, the prosecutor said neither police or NBC were able to guarantee the chat logs were authentic and complete. Responds Dateline’s Chris Hansen, “I don’t want to get involved in the DA’s business or the police business,” he said. “I can tell you in the other locations, these issues did not come up.” But that’s not all. One of the men committed suicide when police moved in to arrest him. The city manager who approved the sting has been fired.

Anonymous said...

Jack T....Comment?

"Teen killed mother in Halo 3 row..."

Anonymous said...

Why not post the emails you received sans names?

Chris Hansen is a total POS and deserves to be exposed for what he is. Let the people inviting him know it is a mistake.

For anyone who goes, here's a great question (or three) to ask him:

Did you hear the gunshot when the state prosecutor killed himself while the silly police were outside his house?

Were you sued or did you privately settle?

Do you understand that there are other rights than your First Amendment right to be an asshole to gratify your ego?