Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama stuff

Who was right on the oath flub? Most have sided with Obama, but here's Roberts' side of the story (via Althouse).

Is Obama keeping his Blackberry or some other device? (Hat tip: JK)

More of the same from Obama? Here's a funny Jon Stewart clip:


Thomas Jefferson said...

CJ Roberts was preoccupied with more important matters--the undeserved pay raises for judges. Like 90% of his colleagues, he needs to focus on his job and be thankful he has one.

Ed Williams said...

I think Obama might have ended oath with "so help me God," which is not actually in the oath of office. Anyone can check on this? Of course, this has nothing to do with practice in the SD of FL. Rambling is contagious, I apologize truly. And I also truly apologize.

Anonymous said...

Ed, what do you think about the Inspector General's report re Acosta?

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that while obviously not constitutionally required the "So help me God" language has been appended to the oath for many many years.

Anonymous said...


I heard a rumor that some defendants are now only serving 65% of their BOP sentences due to "economic" reasons. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

In the current issue of The New Republic there is an article that discusses whether the different styles of Obama and Clinton are a reflection of the different law schools they attended (Harvard vs. Yale).

In the thread the follows the article a poster writes:

"As a lawyer who went to a state law school but practices with lawyers from both Harvard and Yale, I can say that graduates of both law schools have their heads up their asses, but Harvard lawyers less so."

Is that the general consensus here?

mberenis said...

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Ed said...

If you were asking me about the Acosta report, sorry for not answering sooner. I had my head up my ass.

Sadly, whenever one thinks Acosta is evil or crooked his is not, he only appears to be a just a dope. Is that good news or bad news.

Well at least some people like him. No one likes me.