Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Nice off the bench"

Brian Tannebaum has been doing a bunch of provocative blogging over at his site. I enjoyed reading this post about Judges being "nice off the bench." Here's a snippet:

A standard description of judges is that he or she is "nice off the bench."When you say a judge is "nice off the bench," it naturally means they are not nice on the bench.Anyone in trial practice has seen this in action. See judge on bench, see judge lambaste lawyer. See judge at social event, see judge as a happy friendly person.


Anonymous said...

Brian is the same no matter where you are him. I like him.

Anonymous said...

See him.

Anonymous said...

Meeeester Markus!!!!!! All my Judges are nice all the time. I have it on the verrrrry best authority that Mr. Tannebaum had a federal trial recently. He better not be talking about that Judge, because sentencing is coming up. Just a thought as I ponder Notre Dame's new Football recruits.