Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ken Jenne

The media is all over Ken Jenne's plea today.

High-profile defendants always bring with them the question of whether they should get more time because of deterrence and because they owed a greater duty to society and so on. Or should they get a lower sentence because of all the good work they have done for society? Should the court take into account that the time in prison will be more difficult for a high profile defendant? These questions seem particularly relevant when it's a police officer defendant.

So what say you SDFLA readers? If you were judge, what would your sentence be for Jenne. A guideline sentence of 18-24 months? More? Less?


South Florida Lawyers said...

Can someone explain the purported justification for Conrad Scherer continuing to pay the loan and insurance on the Sheriff's car?

Anonymous said...

15 months. It's a tax case, let's all get a grip. The fact that he's a public official is already figured into the mix. He'll lose his Bar license, pension, reputation.

Jail is only important in this case to make a point, and the point's been made.

Anonymous said...

Jenne will get 20 months. Of course, it was a mistake to ask for bond. He should have started doing his time now. That would take him away from the public and he would be forgotten in one month. If he were ably represented (he would have been better off with a FPD) it would have been recognized that he faces such financial and professional devastation he may be suicidal. An experienced defense attorney would recognize this. The lesson here for members of the SDFLA bar is that former US Attorneys and friends representing you for free have agendas or are over their head and should not be trusted. A plea to three counts of false tax return and conspiracy? Great job (not).

South Florida Lawyers said...

Whoever represented Conrad Scherer in all this did a pretty good job.

Anonymous said...

He should recieve the maxium allowed by law. He was our countys highest law officer and he betrayed the people, their trust, and his oath of office. When you place yourself in such a high position responsibility and be accountable comes along with the job. Jenne had no mercy on many minor offenders now he should face his own harsh dehumanizing policies.