Monday, September 10, 2007

The Demon Forces

That was the name of Chuckie Taylor's "Antiterrorist Unit" in Liberia. According to the AP:

The goal of the Antiterrorist Unit, according to the indictment, was to ''intimidate, neutralize, punish, weaken, and eliminate actual and perceived opponents of and threats to'' the Taylor government.

Taylor's real name is Charles McArthur Emmanuel. He pleaded not guilty to a superceding indictment today in front of Judge Altonaga. Some of the new allegations:

Many of the seven victims described in the indictment were held in below-ground pits covered with iron bars and barbed wire. In fall 1999, one victim was forced naked into a pit while members of Emmanuel's ATU allegedly ''shoveled stinging ants'' on top of him, the indictment said.

Melted plastic, hot irons, scalding water, electric shocks, beatings with weapons and iron bars, lit cigarettes and molten candle wax were all allegedly used to torture the victims described in the eight-count indictment, which covers the span from spring 1999 to late 2002.

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