Sunday, October 15, 2006

News and notes

1. Apparently I (and my source) was wrong that there was a conviction on all counts in the cigar case. It was guilty on 3 counts according to the comments. Here's the Herald coverage of the verdicts.

2. Dep't of Interior employees won't be reading this blog or any other blog for that matter.

3. Jack Maxwell, a former electrical contractor will start trial Monday, accused of conspiring with the late Miami politician Art Teele to land a $20 million airport deal and then paying him tens of thousands of dollars as a consultant. Here's the Herald article about the trial. We did a lot of blogging on this subject, including debating Prof. Froomkin.


Anonymous said...

could your source possibly be the counselor for the third party involved in this cigar case?

Anonymous said...

don't have to answer that, it's just a random guess

Anonymous said...

the blog is falling behind on the news - you did not post that Jack Maxwell was convicted Friday on all 23 counts of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering after 4 days of jury deliberations, and you did not provide the link to Jay Weaver's story in the Herald.