Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Foley attorney David Roth is go-to guy for Palm Beach elite"

So says the Herald's Larry Lebowitz in this article about Mark Foley's lawyer.


Anonymous said...

what a puff piece, Roth looks like he has been hitting the sauce a bit himself. Roy Black decimated that witness in one fell stroke, what a joke. Any decent legal PR guy evaluating Roth's performance would give him a big fat F!!!

Bricklayer said...

Never the same since he left Van Halen:

Anonymous said...

RE: Drunk Driving Nurse Severly Injures Puppy - 1 new post
Started 4 days, 19 hours ago (2007-11-09 02:39:00) by Cody_Crash_Survivor
Quote: Originally Posted by nikk The 4th DUI? I think someone has a serious problem. Why was she even practicing nursing? And why would she even be allowed to be around people or animals. Obviously, there is something really wrong with this picture. Thanks for posting that. It makes you really think, about a whole lot of different

David Roth defended this one also