Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Posted by NOT SCALIA:

Prosecutors in the case of Ze'ev Rosenstein want Israeli undercover agents testifying at his Miami trial to wear disguises and use numbers instead of names to protect their identities. Apparently, this is how the agents would testify in Israel.

I guess that this would be a persuasive argument if the trial proceeded in Tel Aviv. Because the government extradited Rosenstein from Israel to the United States to be prosecuted under our Nation's laws, shouldn't the agents testify without disguises and under their real names?

Read Vanessa Blum's article in the Sun-Sentinel here.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with maintaining the secrecy of the identity of a testifying undercover agent, and it's been done in the U.S. before. As long as the prosecutors turn over whatever impeachment material exists, what is the harm?

Anonymous said...

I told the goverment I would agree to the motion but only if the "light" disguise was fake glasses and a big nose.