Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A scotch-and-champagne celebration

I had previously posted about Judge Altonga's JNOV in the $78 million verdict against Arriva Pharmeceuticals. Here's Julie Kay's take on the knock the wind out of (or into, depending on what side you're on) your sails ruling. There is a lot of gossipy stuff in here, including how the lawyer who initially lost the case, Jonathan Goodman of Akerman Senterfitt, was dubbed the $78 million man at his firm; the fact that he found out about the verdict while on vacation skiing; and that he sent around an email that was forwarded to everyone in town after Altonaga's ruling vindicating him.
That e-mail soon was copied to just about every lawyer in town. The subject line read: "Fascinating and significant $78 million post-trial victory — If I say so myself (and I do)." Goodman acknowledged the lengthy e-mail was “a blatant example of self-promotion, self-aggrandizement and egomania,” fueled by a scotch-and-champagne celebration. He wrote that “we’re thrilled with the post-verdict result, which is very, very cool.” Not to rival attorney Jim McDonald, who said his team is analyzing the e-mail. “Looks like he had a few drinks when he wrote that,” McDonald said in an interview. “It ain’t over til it’s over, Jonathan. See you at the 11th.”
Round 1 to Jim McDonald. Round 2 to Jon Goodman. Round 3... Any bets?

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Anonymous said...

A $78 million verdict for a case that had no merit? I wouldn't be gloating if I was Goodman. I'd be making arrangements to attend a trial advocacy seminar.