Thursday, June 29, 2006

Motion to disqualify FPD

I just read the Government's motion (filed today by AUSAs Jackie Arango and Richard Getchell) to disqualify the Federal Public Defender's Office from representing Narseal Batiste, the lead defendant in the latest terrorism indictment, due to an actual conflict of interest.* Judge Bandstra will be hearing this motion before the pre-trial detention hearings tomorrow afternoon. Although Scalia's choice of counsel opinion from this week does not apply to appointed counsel cases, it will be interesting to see if the defendant objects if the judge terminates his current counsel. I've heard the PD's office is opposing the motion, which should make for an interesting heairng. More to follow...

*Apparently, the PD's office also represents a potential witness in the case.

UPDATE -- Here's more from the Herald about this witness, nicknamed the Sultan.
ANOTHER UPDATE -- The Daily Business Review has more on the conflict issue here.

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