Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top Aristede drug cop passed DEA polygraph

As David noted earlier, the trial against Evintz Brillant, Aristede's top drug cop, begins this week. The Herald reports today that Brillant passed a DEA polygraph exam in August 2002. Apparently, the DEA asked Brillant if he ever received a gift or bribe from a drug trafficker; ever provided protection for a cocaine smuggler; or ever participated in any illegal drug activity outside the scope of his official duties. He answered no to all questions.

Now, the government does not want the jury to hear this evidence. Judge Cooke will decide by Friday.

The Herald quotes Brillant's attorney, Howard Schumacher, as saying that he only learned last week from prosecutors that his client had taken the polygraph. This case has been pending for months, why did the government only disclose this evidence on the eve of trial?

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