Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Southern District Crash

Some SDFLA gossip -- As Judge Moreno is waiting to start a trial on Monday morning, the Marshals tell him that the defendant has been in a car accident and won't make it. Where did this accident occur? The Marshals were driving him from FDC Miami to the James L. King building next door! Apparently the tunnel that is typically used to transport prisoners was closed for construction and a marshal had to drive -- about 50 yards. As he was leaving FDC he hit a barricade and the defendant and two other inmates in the car were injured. From what I hear they were shackled and the marshal did not have them secured with seatbelts. The marshal was not harmed. The trial was continued.

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Anonymous said...

There is no question but that the inmates must be immediately indicted for this conspiracy.

Who will console the Government when they learn they cannot forfeit the marshalls van?