Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Slow blogging & Trivia

Sorry about the slow blogging recently, but I'm in trial. The jury went out about 2:30 today and still has not reached a verdict... Waiting is the hardest part. In any event, there have been a bunch of interesting pieces in the DBR (about the porn wars making this District the brunt of jokes) and the Herald (about the AG's visit) the last couple of days. I just haven't had time to write about them... Sorry.

In the meantime, Richard B. Rosenthal has emailed me this trivia question, which I reproduce here. Answer to follow in the next couple of days, but use the comment section if you wanna take a guess: Who is the youngest person ever appointed to the federal judiciary, what President appointed him or her, and on what court did he or she serve?


Anonymous said...

The youngest federal judge was Thomas Jefferson Boynton, who was 25 when Abraham Lincoln issued him a recess appointment to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on October 19, 1863.

The youngest judge appointed to a U.S. court of appeals was William Howard Taft, who was 34 when he was commissioned a judge of the Sixth Circuit court of appeals on March 17, 1892.

The youngest Justice on the Supreme Court was Joseph Story, who was 32 when he received his commission on November 18, 1811.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but in those days, 25 was middle-aged. In recent years, the youngest has to be Alex Kozinski who was a federal judge (Court of Claims)at 32 and was appointed to the 9th Circuit at age 35. But, I could be wrong (and I'm not inclined to do any reasearch on the issue).

Deena said...

The youngest person ever appointed to the federal judiciary because,the thinking of youngest person is different than oldest one.and also can handle any kind of moment.

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