Sunday, September 04, 2005

In Memory of Chief Justice William Rehnquist

I am in Asheville, NC for the long weekend and stole a minute to post this note about the Chief Justice who died last night. Many of us did not always agree with his views, but one cannot disagree with how commited he was to the Court and to the judiciary. During the last 30+ years on the Court, he has truly shaped our country and the courts. For all the coverage on Rehnquist, his possible replacements, and how the Court will function with only 7 or 8 Justices in the coming months, check out the great SCOTUSblog (or its sister Supreme Court Nomination blog). For the news on this subject, HowAppealing is the place to go. And for those that are interested in replacements -- I have said that the next Justice should be a Floridian. In our poll (below on the right), Judge Marcus is leading the pack, with Judges Jordan, Moreno, and Altonaga right behind him. Vote! I will be back in town Wednesday...

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