Friday, August 30, 2013

What is Marco Rubio's reason for blocking Will Thomas?

The DBR (John Pacenti) has a lengthy article about Marco Rubio's decision to block two African American nominees -- William Thomas and Brian Davis -- to the district court.  But he refuses to explain his reason for the decision. 

Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, a tea party darling, is blocking confirmation hearings for two black judicial nominees by withholding the formality of submitting what is known as a "blue slip." Miami-Dade Circuit Judge William Thomas was nominated 552 days ago for a Miami opening in the Southern District of Florida. Nassau Circuit Judge Brian Davis has been waiting even longer — 612 days — for action to fill a Middle District of Florida vacancy in Tampa. The blue slip is a required by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont. Waiting for blue slips is a longstanding procedure that the chairman does not plan to break, his spokeswoman Jessica Brady said Thursday. Florida's other senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, has submitted blue slips for both candidates. Rubio's and Nelson's offices did not respond to telephone calls or emails seeking comment by deadline. The failure to submit blue slips marks a ratcheting up of Republican efforts to block President Barack Obama's judicial nominees, even if means alienating minorities, critics say. Thomas and Davis fulfill Obama's goal of bringing greater diversity to the federal bench. Both are black, and Thomas is openly gay. Obama has been more dedicated to diversity than any of his predecessors, with 43 percent of women nominees compared with 22 percent under George W. Bush and 29 percent by Bill Clinton. Obama also surpassed his predecessors on nominating blacks and Hispanics. By delaying the nominations of minorities, Republicans hope to hinder a lasting legacy on the lifetime appointment of jurists, said Andrew Blotky, director of Legal Progress, part of the Center for American Progress in Washington. "If you look at how long these vacancies have been open, it's ridiculous and unconscionable," he said.

Meantime, the district continues to try interesting cases.  The psychic trial is going on in Ft. Lauderdale.  Via Paula McMahon:

When Sylvia Roma visited a psychic in late 1997, she was a successful executive who figured her life was happy and the tarot card reading was "just for entertainment."
But Roma was quickly convinced that her family was cursed, she said, and over the next 14 years she sent close to $800,000 worth of cash and gold coins to the woman she knew as Joyce Michaels, but who was really Rose Marks.
Marks summoned her to Fort Lauderdale in July 2002 and told her that nearly $500,000 in cash and gold coins Roma had already given to Marks had burned in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center — yet Roma continued to send money and jewelry to Marks, she testified.
"I was in so far, I had nothing to do but believe her. I didn't see any way out," Roma testified Thursday in federal court in West Palm Beach, where Marks is on trial.
Prosecutors say Marks, 62, of Fort Lauderdale, and her family defrauded about $25 million from victims they met in Manhattan and South Florida.
It's rare for so-called Gypsy fortune-telling frauds cases such as this one to go to trial, law enforcement experts say, and one of the reasons is that alleged victims are embarrassed and ashamed to admit they've been tricked.
Roma, who will be back on the witness stand Friday to be cross-examined by the defense, told jurors that she became depressed and isolated as Marks urged her to send more and more money.
Marks told Roma she couldn't discuss "the work" with anyone because it would let "negative energy" affect Marks' efforts to lift the curse and help Roma to have a happier life, she said. Marks told her she was meditating and building an altar and a protective shield with the hundreds of gold coins that Roma provided to her.

Any predictions on how this one will turn out?


Anonymous said...

Rubio is detestable. A complete fraud. Peter principle. He is done.

Anonymous said...

Have the decency to give you reason. Take a big gulp of water and put on your big boy pants.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Disgraceful, a blatant effort to curry favor with the baser elements of his party.

Anonymous said...

There are only so many abuelas and tea baggers who vote.

Rubio is such a phony candy ass, prostituting Cuba like the worst of them. He has ZERO. Experience. A CAREER politicians. A little boy.

He'll soon be relegated to local politics where he belongs.

No class. No character. Sissy.

Anonymous said...

Marco needs to back off on the district court appointments. Thomas is a good judge, runs one of the best courtrooms in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Marco needs to back off on the district court appointments. Thomas is a good judge, runs one of the best courtrooms in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Hey Will - we love you.

You'll get there . That weenie couldn't outlast you in a million years .

You're strong like bull

- A Friend from the old days.

Rumpole said...

I think the Feds should hire a Gypsy fortune teller to assist them in all their trials.

Anonymous said...

Let's make it more clearer LOL. Rubio is and has always been the meanest kid on the block. He is a racist through and through. His policies and actions in the Florida Legislature and how he has spoken once elected to the US Senate make that abundantly clear.

If you are not Cuban or Hispanic (he does make the differentiation), and especially if you are African-American, you have no hope of any support. He knows he has and never will have any hope of African-American support, and he decided long ago that he was not even going to try.

In addition do you think there could be a little homophobia happening here? Would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I think we all know how the psychic trial will end. BTW, the name of the gyspsy physic victim is Roma? Really?

Anonymous said...

Its terrible that people still feel compelled to remain in the closet. people should be who they are.

Rubio needs to admit he is gay , join the Log Cabin Republicans, and move forward with his life and his career.

You're all thinking it. I'm just saying it.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Rubio cannot be gay- he is Cuban.


Anonymous said...

@ 10:12 pm - That was a joke.


Anonymous said...

I guess it's safe to say the psychic's cards didn't reveal she'd be going to trial one day.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is a hypocrite, a disgrace, a coward, and a loser, and makes me ashamed to be a Floridian and from Miami.

michael zientz said...

Journalism 101 don't bury the lead. Psysic trial second. Really!! Before anyone hates me, im just kidding. Its sick how the Tea Party has grabbed the wheel and jerked us off the road.