Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday news and notes

1.  The results of the poll from a few days ago:
Would you spend 4+ days in solitary confinement without food, water, or a bathroom for $4 million?
Selection Votes 
Yes, but not for less than $4 million 17%10 
Yes, I would do it for anything over $1 million 28%16 
No, but I would for $10 million 14%
No, I would never do it for any amount of money 41%24 
58 total free polls

2.  Congrats to Guy Lewis and Mike Tein (and their lawyer Paul Calli)  -- the bar investigation is closed because there was no PC to proceed.  From the DBR:
A Florida Bar grievance committee has found no probable cause to pursue a complaint alleging Miami law partners Guy Lewis and Michael Tein lied about the source of their fees in a wrongful death case.
The Bar also confirmed it has opened an investigation into three of the firm's most vocal litigation opponents: Miami attorneys Bernardo Roman III, Jose "Pepe" Herrera and Ramon Rodriguez.

 3.  The U.S. Attorney's Office issued this press release on the results of the pill-mill trial in front of Judge Marra. The headline boasts: "Jury Convicts Two Doctors of Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering Resulting from Pill Mill Operation in Broward and Palm Beach Counties"
Here's the headline, however, from the Palm Beach Post: "Jury clears two local pill mill doctors of eight overdose deaths, convicts them of money laundering"
The AP headline: "Fla. MDs cleared of most serious pill mill charges:"
The Sun-Sentinel: "Doctors not guilty of most charges in pill mill case"
The blog has discussed USAO press releases before, and for the most part, they have gotten better, but this one seems to be misleading to me.


Anonymous said...

The poll results confirm that the majority of people simply have a price.

Anonymous said...

9:33 - David didn't ask if they would sell their souls or be dishonest or lie to obtain a verdict - the question asked if they would endure what is tantamount to physical and psychological torture for a fee.

David, you are surprised that the USAO engages in truth speak?

DOJ is full of hypocrites and liars - look no further than the director of the NSA lying to congress and not an eyebrow being blinked.

How often do prosecutors misrepresent facts to the juries, judges, and us?

You are surprised at a misleading press release - the shock will come when you get an honest one that doesn't relate to across the board convictions.

I would not hire a former AUSA (unless I know them to be honorable from personal experience) to wash my car.

Rumpole said...

You want to know how dishonorable the Justice Dept is? Read the Whitey Bulger book I reccomended by the two boston globe reporters. Once Bulger goes on the lam and Flemmi and others are arrested and hand up Fbi Agent John Connelly as being complict in 19 murders- and several families who had loved ones murdered sue the Fbi- the justice dept fights each suit and puts the families thru hell instead of just admitting that their own agent became a crimimal. It is some of the most shameful conduct I have ever read attributable to any attorneys anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Those three lawyers are going to have years and years and years of problems.

MC Waste Services, Inc said... no immunity tap dance here.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

every time a judge sentences someone they should inquire about the defendant's family structure in their youth. these situations cause reactions many, many years later.

MC Waste Services, Inc said... bigger brains too