Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Former weatherman victimized again? Federal prosecution imminent?

The New York Daily News covers B-Girl "victim" John Bolaris' latest issue (the blog's past coverage of his testimony is here).  Here are some of the tweets:

And from the article:

A former weatherman couldn’t have forecast his latest scandal, in which his fiancé took over his Twitter account while he was sleeping and unleashed a barrage of racy messages for his fans. John Bolaris, who was suspended from his job as a weather anchor for Fox affiliate WTXF in Philadelphia last year amid the bombshell story that he’d been drugged and robbed by beautiful women in Miami in 2010, was back in the headlines on Tuesday after fiancé Erica Smitheman drunkenly took over his Twitter account and repeatedly promised to post nude pictures of herself. The former Playboy model started her Twitter binge on Sunday night, writing, “Hello this is Erica…love John, he loves you all, I guess it’s ok if I send you all a naked photo or two…don’t tell my love.” She continued to write suggestive tweets referring to her modeling past and hinting that she’d taken over Bolaris’s account behind his back. “This is Erica, I did pose in Playboy…so what,” she wrote. “I will post my naked pictures…John Has no clue.” She also shared sexy pictures of herself and took aim at naysayers, as well as bragging that “sex is great” with her fiancé. “I am tweeting, he is sleeping,” she confirmed in a text to, which reached out wondering if the reporter’s account had been hacked. “I am drinkinging and can’t take the haters! Lol,” she wrote, telling the paper she’d been ingesting liquid courage in the form of pinot grigio to write the tweets.


Rumpole said...

Perfect guest blogger for me. Any contact information?

Anonymous said...

Philly must really have zero going on for it for a former weatherman to land a former playboy girl. I mean common, a weatherman from Miami wouldn't even score a stripper from Goldrush.

Now weather girl...I think the crew they got on local tv here would be good for at least a pro ball player.

Anonymous said...

John is doing the circuit around tv talk shows....Dr. Phil next!