Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Florida Election Lawyers all dressed up and no where to go

President Obama easily wins, but Florida still not called.  Right now it's Obama up about 45,000 votes or 0.53 percentage points, out of a total of 8.27 million votes, with about 99 percent of the votes counted.  This time though it won't matter how Florida ultimately goes...  I wonder how all of the election lawyers who were geared up just for this scenario are feeling right now. 

So what does Obama's victory mean for the Southern District of Florida.  Some quick thoughts:

1.  Will Thomas will likely be your next federal judge, but it probably won't happen till the beginning of the year.

2.  President Obama will continue to shape this District with intellectual, moderate judges (like Williams, Scola, & Rosenbaum).  Same for the 11th Circuit (like Martin & Jordan).  There are a bunch of district openings coming up, so we will see if Obama does any better with getting judges confirmed quickly in his second term. 

3.  Willy Ferrer will stay on as U.S. Attorney.  It will be interesting to see whether he stays for the entire 4 years.

Any other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The lawyers still get paid right?

South Florida Lawyers said...

No, it was a pro bono effort.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast. Alan West has filed a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

The Department of Justice is protecting the integrity of Florida's electoral process -- one Canadian threat at a time!