Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anthony Mangione sentenced...

... to 70 months.

You remember him -- the former ICE chief who was caught with child porn on his computer. He then wiped the computer clean with techniques he learned from his time in ICE.

 The sentence was more than the minimum mandatory 60 month sentence he requested and less than the 87 months requested by prosecutors. Fair sentence?


Anonymous said...

Sure, why not.

Bob Becerra said...

Fair. I find it offensive when people who are charged with enforcing certain laws then go out and violate those same laws they are sworn to uphold.

Rumpole said...

Not fair. These cases trouble me. Obviously people like this defendant are ill. They have sexual interest in children. But they confine their illness to fantasy and looking at pictures. But of course, that means they create a market for the exploitation of children. But, then again, like being gay, or straight, or attracted to red heads or blondes, how much choice did they have in what they find arousing? The whole issue is troubling. Obviously this man- who clearly the knew the law- couldn't help himself. It's tragic and sorry.

Anonymous said...

Watching young innocent children getting raped is just like being gay or being attracted to blondes?!
Are you freakin' kidding me?!
Rape is a violent, depraved act!

And unlike the usual middle-aged white guy living with his mom, this guy knows the effect that the creation and circulation of these images has on the victims.

Given other sentences in the district, 70 months was too low.

Rumpole said...

Was he watching videos of children being raped? Not to diminish the horror of any sexual picture of a chid but I was not aware the material included such videos.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on your client's dismissal in state court. Well done mate.


Anonymous said...

Nobody said videos. The newspaper reports said hundreds of images including images of "extreme" sexual abuse of children. That usually means penetration of one kind or another - in other words rape. You make it sound like he just had pictures of Justin Bieber in a thong

Adam said...


The newspaper has pictures every day of victims of wars and crimes. We see them all the time. We don't believe ourselves to be criminals, or to be further victimizing these people.

I think what Rumpole is getting at is just how extraordinary it is that we punish people harshly for looking at pictures of a crime being committed.

Anonymous said...

I think Rumpole is correct when one views the psychological and neurobiological literature. It seems that in a certain class of cases, pedophilia is an orientation, just as homosexuality or heterosexuality. You are being unfair to accuse Rumpole of equating them morally--he didn't do that. Rumpole is perfectly right in his comparison--Mangione didn't choose to be attracted to children any more than anyone here chose their own sexual orientation. So calm down with the incredulous response.

As for rape being a violent, depraved act...Of course. But this defendant didn't rape anyone.