Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No more test for the SDFLA

This just came across CM/ECF:

Administrative Order 2012-14 In re: Elimination of Attorney Admissions Examination
Pursuant to Administrative Order 2012-14, the Judges of this Court have decided to eliminate the requirement that an attorney take our examination in order to be admitted as a member of this Courts Bar. Although this information does not apply to current members of our Bar, we are sending this notice in an attempt to receive as broad dissemination as possible. Effective immediately, the attorney admissions examination is discontinued. If you know attorneys who may seek admission to our Bar in the near future, please advise them to monitor our website for updated admissions procedures that will be posted in the near future.

Too bad -- I mean there were really important reasons that lawyers had to memorize the questions and answers that were given before the test.


Anonymous said...

the courts should make it harder to practice in the federal courts and not easier.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which "big wig" attorney couldn't pass the exam, and influenced this change? I think it's a bad idea. Sorry to say, but there are so many borderline competent attorneys in Florida; you see them everyday in State Court. Federal Court was the one safe place, secure from the "legal nonsense"......