Friday, September 16, 2011

Judge Jordan's confirmation hearing next week

It's set for Tuesday, September 20. That was quick -- Well done to the adminsitration for moving this nomination forward. After his hearing, then he will get written questions from the committee and then there will be a vote. Looks like Judge Jordan may be on the 11th by sometime in November.

Now we need to get Bob Scola confirmed. He is #19 on the list of district judges waiting confirmation, so if they do a few per week, we are looking at October for Judge Scola.

Things are starting to move, which is nice.

Big shout out to Dore Louis for his posting over the past two days. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

They really are taking a lot of time on scola, that is just nuts

Anonymous said...

They are really taking a lot of time on scola, that's nuts