Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's speed of light edition

1. Are there particles really moving faster than the speed of light? If so, this is the biggest news of our lifetime.

If not, there is still legal news:

2. Is this an effective letter to a sentencing judge by C. Coke?

3. The 11th Circuit says Florida deep-sea explorers must return 17 tons of silver coins from a sunken ship to Spain.

4. Former U.S. Attorney in DC calls federal sentencing "draconian."

5. Watch out for the falling satellite this weekend.

6. FIU posted the highest bar passage rate.

7. Yesterday, the Hispanic Bar honored Judge Jose Gonzalez at the federal courthouse. I heard that Judge Gonzalez gave a beautiful speech.


Anonymous said...

Alright FIU! Step aside UM!

mikal said...

Step aside UF, FSU, Nova, and the 30 other law schools in Florida.

I think the sentencing letter will be ignored. There is a big difference between someone who steals millions upon millions, and someone who accepts responsibility for murder, mayhem, and drug dealing.