Friday, September 16, 2011

BREAKING -- Rumors regarding district judge openings UPDATE -- Rumors confirmed!

Well, this wouldn't be printed if it were a newspaper or a legitimate publication, but because this is a blog, and I trust my sources, I am going to post the rumor that is being whispered about around town. Again, this isn't confirmed, but if it's being discussed at La Loggia, it can be discussed here too.

As we all know, 4 names were sent up by the JNC to fill Judge Gold's seat. Apparently, the White House is vetting two of those names, John Thornton and Robin Rosenbaum -- one to fill Judge Gold's seat and one to fill Judge Jordan's seat (see below; his confirmation hearing is next week).

If the rumor is true, congrats to Judges Thornton and Rosenbaum!

If anyone out there can confirm or refute this rumor, please email me and it will remain anonymous. Thanks.

UPDATED -- It's confirmed. Congratulations to Judge Thornton and Judge Rosenbaum! Here's hoping that the President and Senate move quickly.


Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from those two deserving applicants, but, assuming your information is correct, I feel bad for Judge Bagley. He's a deserving candidate who's put in his dues.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Great news!

Rick said...

Scola is taking way too long