Monday, June 14, 2010

Questions to ponder

I know, I know -- you're bored without Lost, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, 24, and Glee. At least there's Friday Night Lights, and True Blood just came back. And football is just around the corner. While you wait, here are some questions to think about this Monday night:

1. Was Justice Souter right? John McGinnis and Michael Rapparort think no way.

2. Should Clarence Thomas run for President in 2012? Kashmir Hill and David Lat say yes!

3. Should state judges be permitted to affiliate with a political party? Yes, says the 7th Circuit. Here's the opinion. (Should we expect a similar Florida lawsuit soon?) The 7th Circuit did say that state judges could not endorse political candidates or directly solicit for cash, just like here in Florida.


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Dude, we're smack in the middle of an epic NBA Finals with one of the best players ever on the ropes having to win two at home


IT'S WORLD CUP TIME!!! You haters can hate, but it is the best sports spectacle!

1) Why would CT give up one of the cushiest gigs in the country for a chance to be placed under the microscope for months on end?

2) If you think party affilliation has nothing to do with appointing and electing judges in Fla., I have some parcels of land on the Gulf Coast to sell you.

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Need a good laugh about federal detention,then see the 6/15 post at It is priceless.