Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How much time should Lew Freeman get?

Update: I've been told that the govt is asking for at least 15 years; probation 12.5; and the defense 7.5. Not confirmed.

Judge Huck is set to sentence him on Friday.

Joe DeMaria filed this sentencing memo on Freeman's behalf on Monday. It's an interesting contrast to the memo filed for Scott Rothstein, especially in tone. Also of note is that Freeman still seems to have the support of the community -- 277 letters were filed on his behalf. The biggest difference, of course, is the loss; here it's somewhere in the millions, not the billions.

I believe that the probation office calculated the guidelines at 78-87 months based on a high loss calculation, but the parties will be fighting over loss. The maximum sentence is 20 years.
What sentence will Lew Freeman receive from Judge Huck
5 years or less.
A guidelines sentence of 78-87 months (as calculated by probation).
10 years.
The max -- 20 years. free polls

Here is the sentencing memo:

Lewis Freeman Sentencing Memorandum

John Pacenti's article on the upcoming sentencing is here.


Anonymous said...

20 years sounds good

Anonymous said...

Um, i am just a state hack, like rumpole, but why did heplead guilty again, with the government pressing for so much time?

oh - demaria and theother guy....


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can tell you're a "state hack" by your wonderings. Always know your audience and, as both the AUSA & defense know, Judge Huck is a lot more liberal with his sentences than first thought. So, of course the AUSA seeks as much time as possible given the Court he faces. The defense lucked out with said Court hearing the case. As Freeman is looking at 151 months at the bottom end, Judge Huck will sentence him to between 90 and 96 months (that 7.5 to 8 years to you, Hack).

Anonymous said...

5 years

an angry defendant said...

Lewis Freeman was a court appointed receiver in a case that I was involved in. He was an arrogant bully and totally railroaded the case, searching for only 1 thing, his fee.

He got what he deserved and maybe not enough of what he deserved.

The judicial system appointing receivers, who are buddies, who in turn appoint attorneys to represent them, who are buddies is a total fraudulent system that the public is subjected to. Nobody can tell me there isnt collusion going on (because I am writing about the law I used a very professional term, instead of saying as it is......payoffs)

Freeman got off easy because he was a**hole buddies with most of the judges in Miami, exactly where he committed fraud