Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday morning (JPS edition)

1. Today is John Paul Stevens' last day on the Court. He has been a Justice for 35 years -- third longest ever on the Court. He took over for Justice Douglas -- interestingly, the longest serving Justice ever. At 90, he's also the second oldest serving Justice, behind Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. He'll retire to his home in Ft. Lauderdale.
2. The Court issued its last 4 opinions today, including Bilski! Lots of interesting stuff that I'll post about soon.
3. As Stevens steps down, Elena Kagan starts her confirmation hearings. Noah Feldman discusses the current state of the Court and the lack of progressives in this weekend's NY Times magazine.
4. Justice Ginsburg's husband, Martin, passed away yesterday. AboveTheLaw has a nice story about him.
5. In other news, the CJA lawyers had their seminar this weekend; Lew Freeman's sentencing was continued until July 23; and no more CocoDorm.


Anonymous said...

Bilski is a revelation!

Rumpole said...

Really David, those shorts in Naples....who dresses you?