Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday news and notes

1. Ellen Podger's wish list for Obama and the next AG on white collar criminal issues.

2. Julie Kay covers Ben Kuehne's fundraiser.

3. Vanessa Blum is all over the federal courts.

4. Jay Weaver is on top of medicare fraud.

5. Lanier Anderson is taking senior status in January. Who is going to take his slot?

6. Justice Scalia is sorry for being mean and wrong.


Anonymous said...

Another Friday News and Note: The Supreme Court granted certiorari to review the Eleventh Circuit's decision in Dean v. US, holding that the mere accidental discharge of a firearm qualifies for a ten-year sentencing enhancement under 924(c) -- no intent required. Who was the author of the Eleventh Circuit decision that has now been called into question? Our very own district court judge K. Michael Moore, sitting by special designation. This may be more scrutiny than he signed up for when he accepted the largely ceremonial designation to hear a few appeals.

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The old Rumpole is back:

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