Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few news and notes

1. Ben Kuehne's motions hearing is this afternoon at 1:30.

4. Drew Brees won me my fantasy football game last night and looks like he is going to break Dan Marino's record. He does have a pretty tough schedule the rest of the way though.


Anonymous said...

Any word regarding the hearing?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting hearing re the scope of the necessary legal services exception.

The Real Fake Sandy You Know Who said...

Word on the Street is that our very own Milton H. SCHOOLED Irvin Gonzalez in front of hundreds at the Federal event in Broward during a voir dire presentation. So much so that Gonzalez started objecting during the presentation AND requested a Sidebar!!!

Any truth to this rumor?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that dancing with the stars has jumped the shark. In order to jump the shark, your show has to have merit first. That show was always silly at best.