Monday, June 09, 2008

Devil's Advocate

One of my favorite tipster's pointed out this listing in the Florida Bar News Classified section on Friday:

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE - Every lawyer needs another lawyer to bounce ideas off of, and even to be a devil’s advocate, challenging your ideas even more thoroughly and incisively than your opposing lawyer would. If you welcome robust, well-grounded debate as the best way to make your arguments razor-sharp, then call me. George Zadorozny, Attorney-at-Law, Florida Bar ’82, Carlton Fields ’82-’86, J.D. Northwestern ’82, B.A. Yale ’78. $100 per hour. Legal research and writing (pleadings, motions, memoranda, appeals) also available. (727) 389-5973; AV rated. Office: New Port Richey, Florida.

I shot the Devil's Advocate an email with a couple of questions and got the following responses.

What gave you the idea for being a Devilʼs Advocate?
As to how I got the idea for my "Devil's Advocate" ad: It came to me a few months ago. For over 20 years now I've been doing contract work for lawyers, doing legal research and writing. Naturally we discuss these projects over the phone. Sometimes in these conversations the lawyer I'm working for advances an idea or an angle or a theory that strikes me as promising but vulnerable--and so I point that out, that is, I point out how the other side could attack us through what looks to me like a weak spot. We usually go on to debate the point vigorously until we're satisfied that we've cast out the vulnerabilities.

Because these debates are conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, with both of us aiming at the same goal--making the arguments for the client as strong and sharp and unbeatable as possible--we find them not draining at all, but invigorating and cheering.

I've been doing this for many, many years now, and I knew that I was playing devil's advocate, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I suddenly realized that it would be a good thing for me to tell prospective lawyers that that is something that I can offer them--much more than just legal research and writing per se. Of course I still do that too. It all depends on what the lawyer I'm working for wants. Unsurprisingly, lawyers who practice solo particularly value this opportunity for well-reasoned strengthening of their arguments through debate.

Has anyone hired you?
Yes, I've been hired by some lawyers in response to my "Devil's Advocate" ad.

Do you enjoy your work?
I enjoy my work very much--see the second paragraph of the above answer to your first question.


Anonymous said...

Your tipster has a little too much time on his hands

Anonymous said...

Didn't Judge Lenard dismiss Thompson's case last week against the SCOFLA?

Are you covering these issues anymore?

Anonymous said...

Jury picked in Jordan's courtroom today in the Southern District. Is this the first trial in the new courthouse? Any word on it?

Laser said...

Judges' dismiss who they want, when they want, for whatever they want.

Our modern day Web viewing provides profuse rulings that are arbitrary & capricious, contrary to statutes based upon "color of law".

It is enough to make you sick.

In any legal education, you never receive "ex parte" Dealings 101...

The American citizens can only be pushed so far, before they begin to push back.

Thompson and Adams have been run through the mill and woe to all who claim to be American that delight in their anxiety.