Thursday, August 16, 2007

In the courtroom

No verdict yet.
Buzz in the air.
Packed courtroom.
I was lucky to get in.
Stay tuned.
--David Oscar Markus


Rumpole said...

This is great drama. "Oh the humanity."

"Down goes Frazier!!"????

Anonymous said...

Markus, try to find the marshal with the arrest warrant in anticipation of the NG

Rumpole said...

I know a guy at the door. Give him $20 and you will get a table right up front. Tell him I sent you. Ask for "vinny".

Dan said...

Jury convicts former "enemy combatant" Jose Padilla of conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap

Anonymous said...

Just got an email saying Padilla found guilty on all three counts. True?

-Michael Froomkin

Anonymous said...

COnfirmed. Its up on breitbart. Guitly

Jared Beck said...

Guilty, Confirmed by CNN