Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Will Second Thoughts Unwind Verdict? (UPDATES WITH BREAKING NEWS)

Breaking News Update:  Looks like we will have some new judges pretty soon as the Senate is moving forward.  From its Twitter account this morning:

It also shows that Schumer filed cloture for David Leibowitz.  I assume all three will be moving forward on the same timeline but I will update that as I get information.

Second update -- Looks like Becerra and Leibowitz re up for unanimous consent this Friday, and all three nominees are still listed on the Senate calendar here.

Original post: By John R. Byrne

You'd think this fact pattern has come up a few times in SDFLA given the sheer number of criminal trials that are held here. Jury renders verdict. Court polls jurors who all confirm verdict. Then juror (or jurors) contact Court after rendering verdict saying they really didn't believe in their verdict. 

Judge Williams is currently dealing with just such a fact pattern. Last Thursday, a jury convicted a former British Virgin Islands premier--Andrew Fahie--of conspiring to import cocaine. Then two jurors contacted the Court to express misgivings. Herald covers it here.

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