Monday, February 05, 2024

Both Parties in Ball & Chain Litigation Claim Victory

By John R. Byrne

The City of Miami has been dealing with quite a bit of litigation in recent years, including defending against claims that the City helped Commissioner Joe Carollo exact revenge against political opponents and critics. The latest lawsuit, filed by businessmen Bill Fuller and Martin Pinilla, named a bunch of City employees as defendants, including City Attorney Victoria Méndez and City Manager Arthur Noriega. 

Judge Moreno held a status conference on Friday, ultimately ordering the Plaintiffs to file an Amended Complaint. After the Court's order, both sides claimed victory to the press, with the City asserting that the Court suggested that "plaintiffs stick to the facts instead of making jury arguments in their complaint" and counsel for Fuller/Pinilla highlighting that Judge Moreno was "helpful and supportive" and had given him the opportunity to include more specific allegations against the City.

A lot more to come in this one. Herald covers it here.

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Anonymous said...

Winning a status conference. They must be real litigators.